Batting Lead-Off

Now batting….Alex.

He’s the 5-year old (I better remember to update this every year).  Our first born, so he bats leadoff and because the family revolves around his wants and desires (for now at least). And he’s got quite the awesome story, but you’ll have to read my blog to find out why.

Alex loves snakes, birds, cars and trains, and his labradoodle Summer who now answers to “Kitty.” His favorite thing to do is go see the Caltrains during rush hour and grab a burrito (just rice and cheese because guacamole has onions and he hates onions) at Chipotle.

He’s an easy going kid, loves watching Shimmer and Shine on his iPad and pushing his little brother when he doesn’t think anyone is looking.

Alex eats a ice popsicle minutes before dinner.  Reward for being a great boy at the park.