The NFL’s PR Problem…And How to Fix It

Somewhere at a dinner table in a mid-sized city in the United States, there’s a 15-year old high school freshman phenom who can hit a baseball a country mile, hit 90-mph on a radar gun, run the 4.3 40-yard dash and throw a perfect spiral for what seems like the entire football field. He’s already 6’1 and 200 pounds and hasn’t even started to fill out. He’s sitting with his parents and maybe a coach or two deciding if he should focus on one sport to increase his chances of becoming a pro. He’s already being compared to Bo Jackson or John Elway. . . or perhaps 2013 Heisman Award winner Jameis Winston, who scouts project could be a first-round pick in either baseball or football. What sport will the freshman superstar choose?

The NFL sure hopes the freshman has not heard President Obama’s recent comments to The New Yorker that he would not let his son play pro football, comparing the sport to boxing and people who play it to smokers since both groups know the inherent risks of the activity. Now, to be fair this is a hypothetical since the President has two girls, but ouch.

Read the rest of this article at The Good Men Project.

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